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From: Marius Mauch <genone@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Seeking questions for a user survey
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 14:06:07
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] Seeking questions for a user survey by "Robin H. Johnson"
1 On Mon, 14 Jan 2008 04:33:48 -0800
2 "Robin H. Johnson" <robbat2@g.o> wrote:
4 > Ok, so per the one discussion in #-dev this evening, I'm looking for
5 > questions to put on a new user survey.
6 >
7 > For style of questions, multiple choice (both pick-one and pick-many) or
8 > simple integers would be best. However some freeform questions are
9 > probably going to end up in there anyway. 'Prefer not to answer' and 'I
10 > don't know' should be available in most questions.
11 >
12 > I don't have the original questions on hand right now (but i'm trying to
13 > get them), so used some classical census questions. Some of the ones I
14 > threw in are just what came to mind, I'd love to hear more questions and
15 > more sections.
16 >
17 > In the style of census, maybe offering a short form and a long form
18 > questionnaire would be useful too?
19 >
20 > Basic demographics - a bunch of this should probably be optional but recommended
21 > - Gender (M, F, and the various other forms here)
22 > - Year of birth
23 > - # of children??
24 > - How many years have you been using computers?
25 >
26 > Sociocultural information (again, optional stuff):
27 > - Location (country, and free-form city)
28 > - Level of education?
29 > - Job? (type coding this one is hard, and I'd prefer not to have it)
30 > - Income level
32 Such questions usually are a reason to not complete a survey for me, and I don't see how they are relevant to us (except for maybe location).
34 > - Do you share your portage tree between systems
35 > - Do you share your distfiles between systems
36 > - Do you share your binpkgs between systems
38 Those should all be multiple choice or at least be more explicit due to multiple meanings of "share" (and in case of binpkgs a "I don't use binpkgs" option should be present as well in some way)
40 > Portage-related questions:
41 > (portage team, maybe you can help here?)
43 (just brainstorming here)
44 - what feature would you like most to be implemented in portage?
45 (parallel builds, localization, revdep-rebuild integration, overlay sync support, gpg verification support, support for non-ebuild repositories, better query tools, interactive user interface)
46 - do you think that portage has improved significantly over the last 12 months?
47 - how happy are you with portage in general (scale 1-10)?
48 - how happy are you with portage documentation (manpages, official online docs, ...)?
49 - do you use pkgcore/paludis in addition/in place of portage on Gentoo (yes/no/don't know what pkgcore/paludis is)?
50 - would you be in favor of an automated feedback system to report successful/failed package installations for statistical purposes (yes/opt-out/opt-in/no)?
51 - how important is backward compability in the user interface for you (e.g. names of commandline options, output format)?
53 Mind that the survey shouldn't contain too many questions, or many people won't complete it IMHO. I guess 10-30 questions might be the sweet spot, if we have much more we should run multiple surveys for specific topics spread over time. Also can we take measures that such general surveys are repeated at regular intervals (once per year/6 months), as a single survey is a nice snapshot, but the really interesting thing are the trends evolving over time.
55 Marius
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