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From: Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@×××.org>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o, eug-lug@×××.org
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Postmortem: Gentoo + wireless
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 10:41:42
1 Okay, I've attempted to get wireless working on my (Gentoo 1.4) notebook,
2 but was faced with many, many problems. I'll enumerate them:
5 1. pcmcia-cs installation told me that I needed NO support for PCMCIA in
6 my kernel at all, or it wouldn't build any modules. The problem was
7 that when I built PCMCIA kernel modules, cardmgr would start. When I
8 did not, pcmcia-cs would build all of the driver modules, however the
9 ds module would not load, causing cardmgr to fail to load.
11 Solution: add i82365 to /etc/modules.autoload - either i82365 or tcic
12 can provide the needed symbols, and depmod can't tell which one is the
13 right one to load. Therefore, the symbol is unresolvable as far as it
14 is concerned, and you need to load the correct thing yourself.
17 2. pcmcia-cs seems to lock solid every single kernel I threw at the
18 thing, regardless of whether or not it was actually doing anything
19 with PCMCIA at the time.
21 Solution: Gentoo 1.4 uses pcmcia-cs 3.2.1, which is not the current
22 version. 3.2.3 is available but masked I guess until 1.4 is ready for
23 release. Lots of people report similar lockups with the drivers in
24 1.4, and while I can't say it will fix everyone's problems, I know
25 that it has fixed mine.
28 3. D-Link DWL-650+ Linux "support".. D-Link offered a Linux driver for
29 this, but it was binary only and they pulled it, apparently because of
30 GPL violations. They promised source would be made available sometime
31 in January. Finding the binary was difficult, and it was built with
32 gcc 2.x. Attempts to hack the binary to work anyway failed.
34 Solution: D-Link's official policy is that they don't support Linux,
35 and if I bought the device for use in Linux relying only on some web
36 page which listed it as supported, well then that's my fault. I've
37 solved this problem by returning the card and telling D-Link they can
38 go to hell.
41 4. The D-Link access point still has not arrived. This turns out to be
42 the fault of Gateway. Why did I order it from Gateway? Well, they
43 had a good deal on the card and AP, and I was ordering another laptop
44 battery from them anyway. Seemed like a good idea at the time. It's
45 on its way back to them because they screwed up with UPS and I've been
46 promised a credit.
48 Solution: NEVER buy from Gateway, period. Either they're incompitent
49 or they're basically committing fraud. I'm not even going into the
50 details, speculate if you like, or ask me off-list(s).
53 5. Replacement for the above was a Belkin F5D6130 (wth kind of model
54 number is that?!) which has no only SNMP configuration. The ap-utils
55 page says it's supported, so I emerge ap-utils on my desktop machine
56 and run it. This didn't work, and basically hosed the AP so that
57 nothing could even see it anymore. Hardware reset and settings wipe
58 made the Windows drivers able to see it.
60 Solution: ap-utils 1.0.5 is what's in Gentoo. This version is ancient
61 and not useful with most newer APs. 1.3.1 is currently stable, so I
62 had to make an ebuild for it. Gentoo bug 15912 contains the ebuild.
63 Note, the Windows crap for this thing have two options for security:
64 none and single passwd for everything. ap-config can do better, but
65 after changing security settings the Belkin-provided software no
66 longer recognise it as a Belkin AP. How terrible! ;)
69 6. Replacement for the wireless card above, a Netgear MA401, gave a high
70 and a low beep once inserted. Scoured the net for settings info.
71 Tried various settings in /etc/pcmcia/{network.wireless}.opts to no
72 avail. Finally figured out that it was calling the hotplug network
73 agent, which may or may not have used any of the crap I was changing,
74 I don't know.
76 Solution: Copy /etc/init.d/net.eth0 to net.eth1, and add a line to
77 /etc/conf.d/net telling it to use DHCP for eth1.. Whether any of my
78 settings in either pcmcia config files did anything at all, I don't
79 know. I've got it working for me, but I don't really understand how
80 it'd work if I wanted to use WEP or anything like that. Better docs
81 are needed, and if someone takes the time to make it so I understand
82 how it works, I'll write them.
85 Mostly of interest to eug-luggers: I've opted to leave the AP open (which
86 is necessary as noted above), so if you're within a block of me or so,
87 feel free to make use of it. A few ports have been blocked off to protect
88 me from being the source of something that'll make me the subject of an
89 abuse report. If my bandwidth gets too drained, I'll have to apply a
90 shaper. If anyone in the west campus neighbourhood is interested in
91 linking APs, I'm willing. This thing doesn't take an external antenna,
92 but I'm sure I can do something about that if necessary.
94 Staples was not unreasonably priced for the AP and card, but obviously you
95 can do better online.
98 Today in a nutshell:
99 - Time dealing with Gateway ~ 4:00 hours
100 - Time getting new card/AP from Staples ~ 0:30 hours
101 - Time getting it all working ~ 5:00 hours
102 - Time for dinner at Sakura (I deserved it
103 after putting up with all of the above!) ~ 1:00 hour
105 That's right, over 9 hours devoted to this... Needless to say, I hope
106 that my insights may result in less time getting wireless for the next
107 poor fool who wants to set it all up. For my next trick, I'll get some
108 tool working so I can wander around town looking for open APs.. I've got
109 a couple installed, but which ones actually work is TBD.
111 --
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