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To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Good Work, Lads!
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 17:40:12
Since installing Gentoo I've been intending to learn enough bash to start
writing ebuilds, but somehow haven't managed to get around to it. I've been
reading gentoo-dev all that time, a couple of months now, although I've
rarely posted. I guess I'm an enthusiastic end-user, who has learned &
benefited much since first installing Gentoo.

With the flurry of posting over the last couple of days, I think it's a good
opportunity for me to say:

Although I rarely contribute myself, I keep seeing the same topics coming up
here again & again:
  How about a different front-end / GUI for Portage or installation?
  How can we improve on the /usr/portage file tree?
  How about better descriptions?
  How about binaries..?
  This doesn't work for me. How do I fix it?
  When will 1.4 be ready?

With many of these questions, I can see that the helpful folks making the
suggestions haven't been subscribed to this list as long as I have, and I
can imagine it must be frustrating for the devs to have to say: "Well, we've
talked about that, we're working on it, just bear with us and we'll get it
done as soon as we can".

It must be a bummer for you guys when folks post "why don't we do it
differently", when they haven't undertaken large projects (I personally have
no concept of what is involved, but can only hazard a guess) and may not be
around in 3 months saying: "well, you remember that big suggestion I made a
while back... here's it is for you, the result of hours of work, ready to be
incorporated into the tree".

I personally don't give a damn when 1.4 is "released" (although I appreciate
others comments that it'll be a milestone for the Gentoo), and I would
imagine the mention of it in recent threads might be quite frustrating for
the devs; I can imagine that end-users asking when 1.4 will be ready is like
them saying "I don't care about all the hard work that you're putting into
this project, I'm interested in superficial stuff here".

And for anyone who thinks that a desktop manager like KDE or Gnome is an
essential part of a working Unix distribution... and that you "need"
binaries for anything beyond stage 3... well, *cough*...  luxury!.. tch!..
in my day we had to walk 3 miles in the snow, barefoot! We had to eat coal
for breakfast, then install Irix before class. Tch! Don't know they're born,
these kids with their fancy namby-pamby frambuffer logo'd bootable-CDs.

Anyway, I just wanted to post & say that there are some of us (I am sure
MANY of us) who aren't always so vocal, but who think that the Gentoo
development team are doing a great job. I think Gentoo is *exactly* on track
& focussed in the right direction.

Any time I see a good suggestion made here, I know that it's the sort of
thing that he dev team treat seriously, and which will be incorporated into
Gentoo, just as soon as other priorities are settled.

Many thanks, guys,


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