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From: "Michał Górny" <mgorny@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Gentoo LLVM project needs help!
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2022 23:36:47
1 Hi,
3 As you may have noticed, I'm practically maintaining LLVM all by myself.
4 This is a really tedious, time consuming and ungrateful task, and I'm
5 pretty close to burnout. I'd really appreciate some help.
7 The problem with LLVM that it's a really huge, rapidly moving forward
8 (and breaking things) project. It needs frequent testing as regressions
9 happen frequently, and we have a good chance of having somebody else fix
10 it if we report them early. At the same time, testing takes a lot of
11 time. While ccache is pretty much a must, it doesn't help much long
12 term as the code is changing frequently and invalidating the cache.
14 On top of this, there's almost-overlapping release process and Gentoo
15 slotting that's working so-so at best. After I've pushed LLVM 13.0.1
16 final, I've had to immediately start testing 14.x and barely managed to
17 get some fixes in before rc1. Now 14.0.0 is expected soon,
18 simultaneously major changes are happening on the main branch
19 (i.e. 15.x) that also need testing and adjusting the ebuilds to.
21 I barely manage to keep up with amd64 multilib. Other arches are likely
22 to be broken. Some specific projects that need help are:
24 1. Compiler-RT (particularly sanitizers, fuzzer etc.) -- they break
25 quite often on glibc upgrades. Miraculously, right now 13.0.1
26 and 14.0.0 are clean right now but I'm pretty sure we'll see a new glibc
27 release soon and they're going to require fixing again.
29 2. OpenMP -- there are many test regressions on every release, and 14.x
30 is particularly bad. I have no clue about this package, the test output
31 is usually cryptic and I don't really have the time to look into it.
32 Honestly, at this point I would gladly have last rited it if it hadn't
33 had revdeps.
35 3. LLDB -- while it mostly works and I've managed to fix the worst of
36 it, I still haven't managed to get the test suite fully working. What's
37 even worse, the test runner just hangs at the very end and I have
38 no clue why or how to debug that.
40 Plus the generic stuff:
42 4. Testing LLVM 15.x periodically, bisecting, reporting bugs early.
43 I can help triaging and reporting the bugs but at least I'd need
44 somebody else to run the builds more often than I can.
46 5. Testing LLVM 14.x, 15.x on non-amd64 architectures (including x86
47 builds -- not all LLVM components are multilib) and reporting bugs.
48 Unfortunately, this part may require actually providing patches.
50 6. Work on setting up and configuring a buildbot for Gentoo LLVM builds.
51 This is some effort and I don't have the time to learn how to do that.
52 You'll probably need to set up a local instance and figure out how to
53 set our builds before submitting anything upstream; in my experience
54 they aren't very responsive to buildbot changes, so ideally we need to
55 flesh out any problems early.
57 Yes, that's a lot of work. I can't do it all myself, I'm already doing
58 too much and this is having negative impact on my health. I really need
59 help with this.
61 Disclaimer: I've been doing some LLDB-related paid work in the past.
62 However, this work wasn't Gentoo-related and if anything, it required me
63 to spend my CPU time on work and not testing LLVM for Gentoo.
65 --
66 Best regards,
67 Michał Górny


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