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From: Federico Ferri <xaero@××××××.it>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] am I ready to step into Gentoo?
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 17:20:57
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] Last rites: media-plugins/audacious-crossfade by "Tony \\\"Chainsaw\\\" Vroon"
1 hi all,
3 it's since about 6 years I am using (loving) Gentoo!
4 I wish I could be a developer, but I have no idea where do I fit well,
5 and which are the g.o needs.
7 looking at the bugtracker you can find random enhancements submitted by
8 myself [1], recently: #220162 (source navigator NG3), #219519
9 (blambot-fonts), #219324 (dev-tcltk/gnocl), #190225
10 (sys-process/daemon), #185788 (keyfuzz)... also #173347 a proposal of
11 making a setpci init script [2]
13 my computer-related hobbies (or I should say time-killers!) are Tcl
14 (scripting language) and Pure-Data (multimedia dataflow environment). I
15 regularly use Pd to create audio/video apps, and Tcl for everything else
16 that doesn't fit Pd, I've also developed a Tcl-Pd loader, that allows to
17 code externals for Pd in Tcl.
18 see my Pd page at [3].
20 perhaps that's the category I should belong to...(?)
21 I keep occasional contact with Tcl developers, so I could bring some
22 love to the Tcl/Tk Gentoo herd (yes, I am a Tcl/Tk fan, as you can see
23 on my wikipage at [4])
24 I've also set up an overlay (pd-overlay, [5]) and used to develop
25 together with ColdWind (actually a Gentoo dev) ebuilds for EVERY pd
26 external!
28 today I just bought a dark Gentoo t-shirt from CafePress to support
29 Gentoo foundation, and to spread the Gentoo word here and there ;)
31 about my life: I work part-time in a big telecommunications company as a
32 system engineer / sysadmin, my specific task at the moment is to
33 develop/package linux platforms for Data Warehouse systems (running on
34 Oracle :S) and Business Intelligence platforms. I'll get a Computer
35 Science Engineering degree soon...
36 if I have to devote some time to Gentoo, surely I'll do it during the
37 work hours, since Linux is the 99.999999% of my work!
39 so what's going to be my next step into Gentoo? perhaps finding a
40 mentor? ColdWind would you...? any one else?
42 [1]
44 [2]
45 [3]
46 [4]
47 [5]
50 best regards,
51 Federico Ferri
52 --
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