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From: James Le Cuirot <chewi@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev <gentoo-dev@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-dev] - Compatibility with Debian
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2016 23:11:20
1 Hello all,
3 We, like almost everyone else and presumably upstream, install PCRE 8
4 as Debian, for reasons best known to themselves, install
5 it as With Ubuntu still being the most widely accepted
6 "standard" Linux desktop, this presents a problem when dealing with
7 pre-compiled binaries.
9 I have been working on a script to replace the rather lacking
10 steam-games-meta ebuild (see steam-overlay). I'm very excited about
11 releasing it soon as I think it is a major step forwards in our ability
12 to easily run Steam without the official Ubuntu-based runtime.
14 Before I put it out there, I'd like to get Alien Isolation working
15 properly. It links to Hacking the binary might work but
16 this isn't ideal and not always an option as some games use Valve's
17 anti-cheat system, which is ruthless.
19 I have found that creating a symlink in /usr/lib that points
20 to /lib/ works, except that when you run ldconfig, it
21 automatically creates another symlink from /usr/lib/ to
22 If you create the first symlink in /lib instead then the
23 existing /lib/ holds after running ldconfig. The latter
24 location is therefore probably preferable.
26 Would anyone have any issue with adding this to our libpcre package? I
27 don't foresee any problems. would obviously still point to
28 I'm pretty sure there will never be another
29 as upstream have released PCRE2 as libpcre2, effectively an entirely
30 separate library.
32 I could create a Steam-specific package for this but that would mean
33 adding some additional Steam-specific location to, which I'm
34 trying to avoid. It would be nice to solve this generally anyway.
36 Thoughts?
38 --
39 James Le Cuirot (chewi)
40 Gentoo Linux Developer