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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Re: PowerPC Resources at OSU
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2017 15:44:50
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] PowerPC Resources at OSU by R0b0t1
1 On Mon, Sep 11, 2017 at 11:29 PM, R0b0t1 <r030t1@×××××.com> wrote:
2 > Hello,
3 >
4 > (This will be almost a duplicate on the PPC list, but now having more
5 > information I am sending it to the BSD list as well.)
6 >
7 > I apologize in advance if I did anything improper. I misunderstood
8 > desultory when I asked him what to do earlier. Originally I was
9 > unwilling to try to associate myself with Gentoo for the purpose of
10 > this request but I wasn't referred to anyone who could fill out the
11 > form "for" me.
12 >
13 > Having requested OpenPOWER hosting from OSUOSL on Gentoo's behalf, I
14 > was informed that hosting is already provided to the project.
15 > Consequently I have two questions:
16 >
17 > 1) May I have access to a/the POWER server, or some other suitable
18 > POWER resource? If not,
19 > 2) is anyone available to verify that I am associated with the project
20 > or that I will use the resources for project related work?
21 >
22 >
23 > For any comment to OSU, such as to request closure of the ticket or
24 > that they go ahead with allocating the VM, please comment and I will
25 > forward the support ticket to you.
26 >
27 >
28 > My intent is to experiment with the PowerPC architecture, specifically
29 > features found on newer POWER processors and servers. It is unlikely I
30 > will ever get to do this on my own as the machines run $10k-$30k. I
31 > requested services from OSU because GCC was not able to accommodate my
32 > request for hypervisor access on their system.
33 >
34 > However, having finally found the resources I've been looking for this
35 > whole time, it looks like OSU's nodes are virtualized and won't be
36 > able to do exactly what I want anyway (i.e. the GCC sysadmin was
37 > misinformed), so I may have accidentally wasted people's time and
38 > potentially tarnished Gentoo's reputation. I will make amends as best
39 > I can.
40 >
41 > IBM is willing to fund a node for my use and OSU is willing to deploy
42 > it pending contact from Gentoo leadership. If there is a machine that
43 > already exists that I would not disrupt, I would have no problems
44 > working on existing resources instead if that seems reasonable. The
45 > GCC server(s) are probably adequate, however I am having lots of
46 > problems setting up a prefix on those systems because they use CentOS.
47 > I am trying to fix bugs as best as I am able but it is starting to
48 > look hopeless.
49 >
50 > Excess resources on the donated OSU OpenPOWER machine could be offered
51 > to other developers or used to run a Tinderbox. It may be a good idea
52 > to do those things on the already existing machine(s).
53 >
54 > Respectfully,
55 > R0b0t1
57 I am in no great hurry to get things moving and don't mind being told
58 "no," but at a certain point I feel like I will have to tell OSU that
59 I couldn't figure out who controls their current donation.
61 Respectfully,
62 R0b0t1


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