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From: Ciaran McCreesh <ciaranm@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] GLEP 34 (category metadata) implemented
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 02:46:56
Message-Id: 20050323024608.355635b8@snowdrop
1 GLEP 34 (category metadata) [1] is now fully implemented. Well, I say
2 fully. Actually, it isn't, since I don't have write access to the
3 sec-policy directory. But that really isn't a problem, since only two
4 people actually care what's in there anyway, and one of them can't read.
6 Package maintainers, feel free to update the descriptions if you can
7 come up with something better. It's fairly likely you'll be able to add
8 in a couple more helpful sentences, since I never go anywhere near some
9 categories. If you're fluent in non-English, by all means add in other
10 languages, but only do this if you're actually sure you're going to
11 spell things properly -- this is why I stuck to English only...
13 If you're committing, **remember to use utf-8**. If your language uses
14 all kinds of weird accented characters, you could really screw things up
15 if you don't.
17 The correct way to commit a *category* metadata file at the moment is:
18 xmllint --noout --valid metadata.xml
19 glep31check metadata.xml
20 cvs commit -m "blah blah" metadata.xml
22 You can get glep31check from [2]. It's just a little utf-8 checker.
24 As a result of this, and with a bit of help from vim7's built-in spell
25 checker, I now know how to spell miscellaneous correctly without having
26 to think about it.
28 There's nothing in the metadata docs [3] about it yet. But then, the
29 metadata docs are massively out of date anyway (we've had repoman
30 support for ages...). You can get everything you need from the GLEP and
31 the DTD -- any questions, just ask.
33 1:
34 2:
35 3:
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