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From: Tom Wijsman <TomWij@g.o>
To: ulm@g.o, gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Dependencies default to accept any slot value acceptable (:*), can we default to :0 instead?
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2013 00:33:44
Message-Id: 20131210013151.6caff6bf@TOMWIJ-GENTOO
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] Dependencies default to accept any slot value acceptable (:*), can we default to :0 instead? by Ulrich Mueller
1 On Mon, 9 Dec 2013 17:19:34 +0100
2 Ulrich Mueller <ulm@g.o> wrote:
4 > >>>>> On Mon, 9 Dec 2013, Rich Freeman wrote:
5 >
6 > > If you think that B isn't the empty set, it is trivial for you to
7 > > demonstrate that this is the case. Simply give me a single example
8 > > of a situation where:
9 > > 1. It makes sense for a dep to use a new slot.
10 > > 2. It makes sense for all of its reverse deps to automatically use
11 > > the new slot without any further intervention by the individual
12 > > reverse dep maintainers.
13 >
14 > app-editors/emacs, to start with.
15 >
16 > If you go through the list of about 400 packages that have more than
17 > one slot (out of 17000 packages in the portage tree), I'm sure you'll
18 > find many more that fall in B. On first glance, only a minor part of
19 > these 400 seem to be libraries.
21 It is surprising that there are only ~400 packages that have multiple
22 slots available in the Portage tree; trying to reproduce this, I get a
23 similar number. Out of a ~350 total, ~75 contain "libs/", ~100 contain
24 "dev-java/" (almost a third); there's are some ruby and haskell libs
25 too. These groups are almost all libraries, so it somewhat fifty-fifty.
27 Note how Java packages already have a project policy to explicitly
28 specify slots on dependencies; as the eclass functionality relies on
29 that. As a consequence, it is easy to add a new slot to them. For the
30 Java herd it makes total sense to use explicit slots that way.
32 With new version bumps to reverse dependencies of dev-java libraries;
33 it is interesting to note that as time goes by, you will eventually
34 need to depend on the newer slot instead as upstream upgrades its
35 support for that dev-java library; dropping support for the old version.
37 But that's just a third and not necessarily representable, it can
38 however show how it works in practice.
40 Libraries' slot usage is harder to tell and needs a more thorough look
41 as to how these are done. It's easier to tell by someone whom has more
42 experience with how these libraries are versioned, seeing that most of
43 these are media-libs and x11-libs I'll try asking the relevant herds.
45 For applications (or should we say "all the rest") I think we need to
46 look at which kind of packages these are and what the slots mean.
48 For example, there are ~14 kernel sources that have multiple slots,
49 which are as far as I know not used as dependencies; it just serves
50 quite handy for the user to add it to the world file. There is also
51 www-client/google-chrome and sys-boot/grub, those are packages where
52 slots are meant for the user and not for reverse dependencies.
54 What do you think? Does someone have a different view? Please share. :)
56 --
57 With kind regards,
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