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From: Grobian <grobian@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] RFC: tcsh vs. csh, removal of the latter
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 20:20:07
1 Hi all,
3 We currently have both tcsh and csh in the tree. For those who don't
4 know what they are: they are shells. tcsh is the more sophisticated
5 little brother of csh. Their relationship is roughly comparable to the
6 relationshop between bash and sh shells.
8 Like bash and sh, tcsh is able to replace csh as it is compatible with
9 it, hence most distributions install tcsh and a symlink csh -> tcsh
10 these days.
12 The tcsh ebuild used to create this symlink for csh, but due to a
13 mistake that I made it doesn't anymore now. csh used to block on tcsh
14 which more or less meant that you had to choose for one or the other.
16 Problem here is that creating a conditional symlink for csh -> tcsh is a
17 bit dirty, and leaves the user with a system that has no csh in case the
18 csh is unmerged after tcsh was installed.
20 It appears that there are a few packages that depend on one of the shells.
21 For csh:
22 * media-gfx/maya
23 * sci-chemistry/namd
24 * sci-chemistry/sparky
25 For tcsh:
26 * media-gfx/maya
27 media-gfx/radiance
28 net-analyzer/sara
29 sci-biology/ncbi-tools
30 sci-chemistry/gamess
31 sci-chemistry/gromacs
32 * sci-chemistry/namd
33 sci-chemistry/nmrpipe
34 * sci-chemistry/sparky
35 x86 dev-lang/gnat
37 All packages that depend on csh also depend on tcsh (or relation).
39 Because csh is rather old and tcsh can be used as replacement, I would
40 like to have csh removed from the tree, then have tcsh always providing
41 the symlink csh -> tcsh. The situation is a bit the same as Gentoo not
42 providing an ebuild for sh, and bash just installing a symlink for
43 sh -> bash.
45 Are there any objections to removing csh from the tree? If there are no
46 problems with csh removal before Feb 1st 2006, then I will starting from
47 that date work on getting csh removed by masking it, blocking tcsh and
48 csh, and request for updates of the packages that depend on csh.
51 --
52 Fabian Groffen
53 --
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