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From: Paul de Vrieze <pauldv@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] desktop
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 14:00:14
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] desktop by foser
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4 On Thursday 28 August 2003 15:21, foser wrote:
5 > On Thu, 2003-08-28 at 14:52, dams@×××.fr wrote:
6 > > Maybe add a vanilla flags, that can be unset. When unset, the DE are
7 > > preconfigured and gentoo touched.
8 > > The pb is that you want vanilla, but you want also some core feature like
9 > > centralized menu system, which is not compatible. So either we decide not
10 > > to include such features, or to have a flag.
11 >
12 > I'm quite against this, there should be one Gentoo to rule them all. I'm
13 > not against adding some extra patches, as long as they add clear
14 > functionality we can maintain (this is most important). No need for
15 > flags for vanilla and not so vanilla.
16 >
17 > The menu system is a difficult one i know, but in reality there are few
18 > people who use more than one DE. We cater the masses well at the moment,
19 > those who want to work with a different look 'n feel every day should be
20 > able to handle the downsides.
22 The menu system is not about having the same menu in all windowmanagers as
23 much as it is about having every application added to the menu of whatever
24 windowmanager you are using. Independent of what kind of toolkit the
25 application uses. A vanilla useflag would function like currently the foreign
26 package flag does for the kdeadmin ebuild. That flag enables the compilation
27 of a package manager that is standard but currently does not work well with
28 gentoo (it being not an rpm based system).
30 For the menu system it might be necessary to patch some windowmanagers to be
31 able to use our menu's while keeping some compatibility with a situation
32 where the menu manager is not installed. Those changes are normally small and
33 localised, but generally change some part of the plumbing of such a program
34 while keeping generally the same behaviour. If you want to hack with a
35 windowmanager yourself those changes might be confusing and hence the
36 "vanilla" flag.
38 <cut>
40 > We provide the power to work with the desktop as intended upstream. The
41 > GNOME Desktop is an idea as a whole, we provide it as it is. And for say
42 > corporate users you could say they could easily adapt their installs to
43 > their needs, without the necessity to hack out all sorts of distro
44 > specific stuff. Or for granny's email machine (installed by her
45 > son-in-law) she just get what she needs and not all sorts of extra cruft
46 > (no granny doesn't need no CD burn tools or LDAP support in her mailer).
47 >
48 > > I think a perfect corporate desktop would :
49 > >
50 > > - be cheap
51 > > - be installable by not so good technical guys quickly
52 > > - be useable at soon as it is installed
53 >
54 > 'emerge gnome' and maybe in the future (but we lack time as it is)
55 > 'emerge gnome-office' and off you go. I suppose KDE could create similar
56 > meta ebuilds.
57 >
59 The idea is not to create some monstrous gentoo-specific monstrosity as redhat
60 does with kde. It is just small changes to make sure that everything "just
61 works". For example take a look to
64 Which is an enhancement I wrote so that things like kmail gpg support is easy
65 to install, just as all kinds of IME's (for our asian friends)
68 > > Now if the guy has to configure each workstation, it's not very
69 > > convenient...
70 >
71 > Humm, that wouldn't be a bright guy. It would be better to work from one
72 > 'image' machine in a workstation situation. I don't really see how you
73 > mean configuration beyond that. User configuration is ok by default
74 > mostly (at least for GNOME) and it is up to them to alter it to their
75 > preference.
77 Gnome's configuration does not include a menu system with all installed X
78 applications
80 Paul
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