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From: Alin Nastac <mrness@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] ROX: maintainer-wanted and apps out of date
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 21:06:50
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] ROX: maintainer-wanted and apps out of date by Peter Hyman
1 Peter Hyman wrote:
3 >Firstly; to be asked to become a developer you should either apply to an
4 >opening, or just help out whether in the form of user support or filing
5 >bug reports - we notice frequent contributors making contributions to
6 >Gentoo and we attempt to reward them by giving them the chance to become
7 >a Gentoo developer. Gentoo has many paths, and the Gentoo Developer
8 >Relations Recruitment Team is always looking out not just for developers
9 >- documentation writers and infrastructure maintainers are just as
10 >important too for our distribution to run smoothly.
11 >
12 >You should look out for openings for developers in the GWN, as well as
13 >the /topic of #gentoo-bugs on - if you feel you could
14 >fill in one of those positions, try to find a mentor who is willing to
15 >sponsor you, or contact the Gentoo Recruiters who may be able to find a
16 >mentor for you. Please do not file "New Developer" bugs on yourself
17 >since this task is designated for the mentor and any such bugs will be
18 >closed.
19 >---------------------
20 >
21 >Certainly, I am others have fulfilled this. I have emailed the two
22 >maintainers offering to assist. No response.
23 >
24 >For some reason, rox does not show up as a staffing need. That should be
25 >corrected.
26 >
27 >I'm not going to bloat this thread. I am here to help, and I know at
28 >least one other fellow who probably would be willing to help too. It's
29 >easy, quick, and will make what users there are for rox happy.
30 >
31 >As I noted, the intent here was not to add any additional work for
32 >developers. On the contrary, the work is done already. We're already
33 >"helping out" we're filing bug reports, we're creating ebuilds that
34 >work. All that needs to be done is get them into portage.
35 >
36 >If you are unable to find a suitable developer to maintain rox, then
37 >please let me know and I will see about assembling a herd for it.
38 >
39 >
41 Indeed, your name is everywhere when it comes down to rox thing. Because
42 your dedication on rox subject, I am willing to help you become a dev,
43 but I need to be sure you are not going to dissapear in the very next
44 moment.
45 Gentoo history is full of such individuals who only want to be sure that
46 they could become devs but are not willing to put any effort behind it.
48 Do you want be a dev? Are you sure you could take the heat? What do you
49 expect from Gentoo and what do you have to offer in exchange?
51 Please email me the answers to these questions on my private address. I
52 need to know you a bit before I decide if I could mentor you or not.


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