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Subject: [gentoo-embedded] Porting Applications
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2003 03:06:42
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Since we are committing to uClibc (I have no complaints and am in complete 
agreement, except....) that raises a new issue. Well, not entirely new but an 
issue nonetheless. Familiar is now trying to krack down on developers and 
contributors to provide links to their source code used to make their current 
binary programs. The downside is that without the special patches and what 
not, alot of useful and great programs can not be ported readily to uClibc. 
Not saying that this is an impossibility, just saying that how do we design 
the ebuild to port current gentoo applications to fit and function in our 
embedded environments. Not all PDAs have the same screen size and memory 
constraints as noted in an earlier post. As memory is an important factor, it 
shouldn't be a penalty for those with bigger memory and displays. There 
should be a tool that works like genmenu, in which where you use this program 
(let us call it "genembedconf") to set the parameters for your particular 
build of a embedded system (ie the HP iPAQ H3955 is a 400MHz Intel XScale 
PXA250 hwhich has 32MB flash ROM, 64MB SDRAM,  and 240x320 16-bit display.) 
We would want it to be compiled for a pxa and have all apps be ported to a 
display size of 240x320 with rotation capability.  On the other hand, Sharp 
Zaurus C-7[56]0 display is 640x480 with 128MB of storage (of which 64MB is 
always for storage), and it's hardware processor is a Intel XScale PXA255. 
Then, of course, there is the ARM. So creating an gentoo embedded 
configuration tool I think would simplify creating cross-compiling toolchains 
and target-specific compiled code. I hope I conveyed my thoughts clearly 
enough so that everyone understands what I am talking about. As I have been 
up for far too long to mention and am now in dire need of some much needed 

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