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Subject: [gentoo-laptop] Guide for Thinkpad T41
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 14:12:27

Does anybody have any info or links on setting up Gentoo on a Thinkpad
T41? I have found allot of mixed info on it. Some outdated, some
incomplete etc...  In particular, I am looking for solid info on the

Set up the hard drive and power management stuff rignt, 
Use the best and most up to date graphics driver
Set up xorg.cong to make use of a second display, usb mouse etc...
Wireless networking (hopefully a great gui to scan for access points!)

I plan on using gnome, xcdroast, open office, evolution, gnucash, etc...

I really just want to make sure that I start off on the right foot. I
don't have much experience with laptops.


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