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Subject: Re: [gentoo-osx] Some Introduction
Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2005 07:36:41
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-osx] Some Introduction by Kito
Kito!  Think Different(tm)! :)

Just my two newbee cents:
1) I've heard this too many times now I guess, so I think it would be a
Good Thing(tm) if Pieter -- assuming you all speak the truth and he's gone
for good, or near to it -- would resign from his "lead" job.  A king in
another country is of no use, as he cannot reasonably know what his
citizen need.
2) Every country, how small it may be, needs a king!  Why?  Doesn't that
sound rediculous for only 4 people?  Why do you think the Dutch (me) have
a Queen?  The Ustated Nights are approx. a million times bigger, and still
we have one.  Why?  Because that's the person to pick when you want to
have some official contact to the group.  Or the country.  It's more a
symbolic task, especially in this small group, but good for the image to
the outside.  A group without a leader is by definition an unorganised
bunch of eh... hackers.

It's all about perception, if you look professional, people think you are.
 Given the fact ppc-macos is considered to be the pain in the place where
the sun don't shine, I think we would benefit from an organised (and
professional) look.  New faces, new attitutes, new contacts.  Damn, it
looks like I'm giving a marketing course here.  Welcome to the world of a
Business Information Systems guy!

So, Lina and Hasan, I think what you want to do is a (c)Good Start(tm)(r).nl

On Tue, August 9, 2005 02:16, Kito wrote:
> > On Aug 8, 2005, at 6:36 PM, Hasan Khalil wrote: > >> We would like to hold an election for the positions that we have >> been more-or-less filling unofficially, as the new metastructure >> suggests. We would like to be candidates for Operation Lead (Lina) >> and Strategic Lead (Hasan). > > I was wondering how long it was going to take you guys.... > > Who gets to vote in this election? > > Shouldn't the entire Gentoo dev team have some input? > > Shouldn't this wait until after the council elections are finished? > > What will change once you two have been elected? > > You should also probably address the fact that there is still a > strategic lead in place (pvdabeel) before deciding amongst > yourselves to hold an election... > > I know titles can be fun and addictive, but I'm not sure declaring an > election to lead a team of 4 people, when 2 of them are basically > jointly running, is the Right Thing(tm) at this point in time... yes > the project needs leadership but this smells a little funny. > > --Kito
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