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From: Grobian <grobian@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-osx] Documentation Update
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 05:43:10
In Reply to: [gentoo-osx] Documentation Update by Hasan Khalil
Two small things that I don't know for sure:

| Warning: Using any shell besides bash is currenly unsupported and most
| likely won't work. You should change your default shell in Terminal by
| clicking on Terminal->Preferences (in the menu bar), chosing the
| "Execute this command" option, and entering /bin/bash.

How likely is this?  Of course I ignored this warning when installing my 
Gentoo, because I feel hopelessly lost in bash.  On the one hand, is it 
known what causes trouble? and on the other hand, considering the 
default shell is bash from 10.3 (at least 10.4) also for the root 
account, and everything is done using "sudo su", how likely is it the 
user will use a different shell for the root user than the system 
provided one?  On top of this, whenever the whole emerge system is 
getting into action a bash shell is forked from python I think, so what 
relevance is the parent shell to that?

| Note: With each emerge --sync, the /usr/portage directory is wiped of
| any user changes. Be sure to keep a log of your development efforts
| and report your findings to the Gentoo for Mac OS X team.

Ehm, is this really true?  I vaguely remember in my first days doing 
this thinking a sync would wipe out my mess, then coming to the 
conclusion it didn't.  I don't know exactly how rsync is being called, 
but if a file is newer on the target host, than on the server, is it 
overwritten?  I thought rsync is able to optimise by only beaming over 
the changed files on the server side, preventing copying all of the 
files (550MB currently).  Somebody slap me with the man page and the 
massive number of options supplied to rsync when running emerge sync if 
I see ghosts here...

Hasan Khalil wrote:
> To all interested: > > I've gone through and reworked[1] significant portions of the 'Gentoo > For Mac OS X Installation and Usage Guide' -- for those not familiar, > that's our official guide[2] available in the docs section. I > have also made a patch[3] as well as the full source[4] of the updated > XML available. > > Please provide any feedback you may have, so that I can make any > corrections and then submit to the official gentoo documentation team > (of which I am certainly not a member by any means). > > Please note that there's probably a good deal more documentation work to > be done, but I feel that it's probably smarter to get the updates > published in stages rather than all at once. At the very least, it > allows for better QA analysis of each revision. > > Kito: I apologize in advance if I butchered the description of the > progressive profile. Please feel free to slap me with a very large, very > freshly-dead herring, and submit corrections as necessary. > > Translators: You might want to hold off on this until we have a > finalized draft submitted to the official docs team. Wouldn't want to > cause you unnecessary work. > > Thanks, > Hasan > > [1] > [2] > [3] > [4] > > -- > > Hasan Khalil > eBuild and Porting Co-Lead > Gentoo for Mac OS X >
-- Fabian Groffen eBuild && Porting Gentoo for Mac OS X -- gentoo-osx@g.o mailing list


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