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From: Michael Cummings <mcummings@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-perl] Fwd: Réf. : Re: g-cpan ;)
Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 18:32:07
OK, I'm going to cut this up a little, but to bring everyone into the chain 
for a discussion cab and I were having about g-cpan (or my responses) :)

>- What about the --upgrade ? I'm not sure it's a good idea (at least for >now). It relys too much on user's behaviour imho, praying that he didn't >delete/move his overlays/ebuilds. Maybe there could be another way using >/var/db to find what we need. I think that for now beu's suggestion of a >simple --list to get all ebuilds handled by g-cpan would be a better first >step ;)
I'd kind of like to keep the upgrade (now that it's there). The idea behind it is if user installs module-foo-1 via g-cpan, they can't in the old system upgrade it without removing the ebuilds from their overlay. This gives them the ability to upgrade, as well as to tweak/update for upstream changes. Also means we can say "we don't support it, but use g-cpan to upgrade it" (beu knows what i'm talking about re: recent bug history)
>- would a special file dedicated to g-cpan be a good thing ? now that it's >a standalone application, we maybe could have it to be a bit bigger. For >example, this (these) files could allow us to store ebuild infos (what has >already been generated, pathes, versions.. etc), or as small CPAN infos >repository, by having an internal db of versions of every modules without >having to call CPAN each time we launch g-cpan. a g-cpan --update command >would update this mini-db, or we could force it on a regular basis, or add >a check in g-cpan.
Not sure I follow (I think I do, but could you expand?)
>- Thinking about config and optional options, wouldn't a config file be an >helpful thing ? let's say a /etc/g-cpan.conf, that would allow us to store >default behaviour, delays between forced update, and such things..
or ~/.g-cpan.conf since we now support user calls :)
>smaller things : > >- a special sub for md5ing things ? ($md5 = md5-sum($file)). It would clean >some lines ;)
as well as the whole scanning the tree parts :)
> >- updating exit_usage ;p
yeah - thinking we might not want to remove the generated config for cpan, just tell them its there and they can fix it if they want better performance
>That's all for his hour >Am i thinking too much ? :)
maybe :) ------------------------------------------------------- -- -----o()o--------------------------------------------- Michael Cummings | #gentoo-dev, #gentoo-perl Gentoo Perl Dev | on -----o()o---------------------------------------------


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