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From: Andrey Utkin <andrey_utkin@g.o>
To: gentoo-project@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-project] Fundraising for incremental service level
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2020 01:04:17
Message-Id: 20200717010408.GA329594@autkin-fedora
1 Summary:
2 Could we please look for the possibilities to deliver more, given extra reward
3 from users interested in that happening?
6 There are many good motivations to contribute to FOSS, and the fact that
7 somebody contributes means some motivation is in place. But given stable
8 motivation and real life arrangements, the level of effort would stay in some
9 predictable range - there is some optimum, where contributing either more or
10 less hurts some needs of the contributor.
12 But what if contributing more than usual would be rewarded more than usual?
13 For example, a person with a flexible job schedule may be willing to switch to
14 4 workdays week and spend one full day each week contributing, given reasonable
15 remuneration - not necessarily equal to their employer's rates, but not peanuts.
17 I think if we find such possibilities - the levels of service quality which
18 we're not going to meet given the status quo, but which we're going to meet
19 fairly confidently given funding - some of these would be interesting enough to
20 wide users community to fund them.
22 The idea of crowdfunding major projects has been brought up in 2015, and
23 unfortunately it hasn't turned into action:
26 If you are a member of some projects within Gentoo:
28 Do you know some specific promises, or service level or quality criteria which
29 it makes sense to meet but which you don't consistently achieve because of
30 resource constraints?
32 Do you believe the goals of your project really matter for quality of life of
33 real users so that they'd give non-zero amount of money for this criteria to be
34 consistently met (as opposed to current inferior quality)?
36 If yes, why not try fundraising to ensure that such a higher quality bar is
37 met, say, throughout the next year?
39 If funding doesn't reach the bar, then you don't lose anything - you just keep
40 doing what you are doing and you don't have any new commitment. If funding
41 happens, then you have a new commitment, but you're funded to exactly enable
42 you to meet your objective with confidence.
44 I believe such approach would achieve such important results:
46 * reveal the real needs, values and preferences of Gentoo users;
47 * demonstrate the level of user focus of Gentoo developers;
48 * channel more community resources towards Gentoo development,
49 where community needs it most.
51 Personally I am interested mainly in the validation of the approach.
52 Ironically, I myself am not in a position to receive any funding due to my
53 current work visa restrictions so I am unable to validate this idea on my own.
55 I am interested more in finding somebody who is keen to try this out on their
56 positions, than in the arguments about whether this approach is right or wrong,
57 but I welcome any responses.


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