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From: Andriy Utkin <andrey_utkin@g.o>
To: gentoo-project@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-project] Call for public condemnation of Russian invasion in Ukraine
Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2022 00:21:54
Message-Id: YifzHZRylCyfZFPt@starlite.wired.home
1 For the last two weeks, every day Russia commits war crimes in Ukraine
2 at a yet-unseen scale.
3 People are [shot], [shelled and bombed], [smashed by tanks] and
4 otherwise injured by the Russian armed forces.
5 Hundreds of civilian deaths and even more injuries.
6 Millions of people have fled their homes fearing for their lives,
7 including my close relatives.
8 Russia threatens the world with nuclear arms on high alert.
9 Two Ukrainian nuclear power plants have been shelled and stormed, their
10 entire staff is held hostage.
12 Millions of people of good will from many countries are volunteering,
13 donating and otherwise supporting the victims.
15 The governments and international assemblies are reacting with public
16 statements and actions, so that now the world knows the international
17 consensus on what's happening, and so that Ukrainian refugees have free
18 entry, food, transport and shelter, and so that Ukrainian armed forces
19 can fight back better with weapons supplied to them.
21 Many companies are [stopping doing business] in Russia and its
22 accomplice Belarus, resulting in a widespread and impactful [boycott].
23 It's really a huge deal: notable for me are Intel, AMD, Apple, Amazon,
24 Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle. It's not very clear how much is imposed by
25 governments and how much is voluntary. But even if it's only partially
26 voluntary, I find it admirable.
28 Yes, the old enemy of computer users freedom, [Microsoft], has taken a
29 high moral stance here! [IBM] did, too. Prompt reactions to such a
30 painful question (I am sure nobody enjoyed working on that).
33 Sadly, I see most FOSS organizations, commercial and volunteer
34 organizations alike, silent. Gentoo stays silent, too.
36 I suggest to not leave it that way, and at very least to make a public
37 statement condemning this aggressive war. I am happy to contribute to
38 the draft but I'd like to first hear what others think, so that whatever
39 statement we get, if any, is actually a reflection of our consensus, not
40 my soapbox speech.
42 I also would like to encourage any ideas of how Gentoo could possibly
43 take any reasonable action.
45 Huge thanks in advance.
49 [shot]
50 [shelled and bombed]
51 [smashed by tanks]
53 [stopping doing business]
54 [boycott]
56 [Microsoft]
57 [IBM]


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