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From: BRM <bm_witness@×××××.com>
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Subject: [gentoo-user] Wiress Question...
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2008 14:42:48
1 I have a Dell D600 Laptop that I've got Gentoo installed on. It pretty much uses Gentoo full-time now. (Yeah!)
2 I very frequently use the Wireless with it, which works great for the most part. However, it seems that the connection drops every once in a while, and the system doesn't detect it.
3 A quick restart of the wlan0 interface (/etc/init.d/net.wlan0 restart) resolves the issue.
5 I was wondering what the normal procedure is for this.
7 I have WPA Supplicant installed, but it doesn't seem to be managing my wireless at all. (Would be great to get it to do so.)
9 I'd really like to get this working properly. It's the probably the last thing to making the system 100% usable 100% of the time, and the only annoyance right now.
11 Ben


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