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From: Mick <michaelkintzios@×××××.com>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] The mess that's called KDEPIM 4.7 ...
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2011 13:46:37
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] The mess that's called KDEPIM 4.7 ... by Alex Schuster
1 On Friday 30 Dec 2011 13:02:33 Alex Schuster wrote:
2 > Mick writes:
4 > > The auto-migration did not work. It only worked partially for some mail
5 > > account settings, but did not leave behind a workable system, with half
6 > > the account settings missing.
7 >
8 > I had a problem with mysql stuff missing, so Akonadi did not start and
9 > the migration failed. I had to add the mysql USE flag to x11-libs/qt-sql.
11 I am not using mysql. I use sqlite3 which the KDE devs say it's not up to the
12 job (can't handle the multi-threaded-access/read/write that mysql does). So I
13 have the sqlite USE flag enabled. Akonadi and nepomuk started but never
14 managed the migration. No sqlite errors on the terminal that I started kmail
15 from.
17 BTW, this is not a suggestion to use sqlite! If you are happy to run a full
18 blown mysql database on a desktop machine carry on with mysql or postgress. I
19 use mysql on a production box, because it's already running mysql for some
20 other apps. However, on this old laptop I'm using sqlite because this is an
21 asthmatic PIII laptop with rather limited resources. I don't need/want
22 desktop semantic tagging, GUI search, or any of the new KDE design philosophy
23 features and functions (find and egrep have served me nicely for years now,
24 thank you). Kmail 3.5 was fine, stable and relatively light footed. It met
25 perfectly my needs. :-(
28 > > The kmail-migrator --interactive also did not work.
29 >
30 > It refuses to start again with an already existing kmailrc.
32 You will need to restart the migration process. For this you will need to
33 shut down nepomuk and akonadi. Then remove their respective config and db
34 files. Then restart them and fire up kmail afresh. You'll have to be patient
35 though, assuming the migration starts correctly this time. Read more here:
39 If not, then remove their files all the same, restart them and proceed to
40 importing the mail directories from your Mail one at a time.
42 They are usually imported in a kmail-import.0 type of folder. You can rename
43 that, or select any subfolders and move them where you want them.
45 On every such physical move you will have to be patient. Small subfolders
46 will move and the akonadi with resync its tables within a few seconds, but
47 larger folders with thousands of messages will take ages to complete.
49 After the whole import, sync, move, sync process has completed things will
50 move smoother (only a few seconds delay when you open or access a large
51 folder).
54 > > I had to change the location pointing to the local mail folders - I keep
55 > > mine under ~/Mail. Then after pressing F5 on each folder akonadi
56 > > scanned the respective mail directory and my stored messages showed up!
57 > > :-)
58 >
59 > You're lucky. I created a 'KMail Maildir' resource for the mail folder
60 > that was used with KMail1 in KDE 3.5, and while the folder structure is
61 > imported, I see no mails. Akonadi says it is syncing the folder I
62 > clicked at, but it never finishes. When I drop a mail into a folder
63 > (this workaround had been suggested to my on the KDE mailing list when I
64 > did my own migration (and it worked)), I only see this mail, others
65 > still do not show up.
67 This is a game of patience. It helps if you imagine sloooowly ringing the
68 neck of those devs who released this half baked piece of C.R.A.P. on us.
69 (Cannot Retail at Any Price).
71 I suggest you try one move at a time and then wait until it finishes.
72 Completely.
75 > Then I created a 'Maildir' resource. Some folders sync, but nothing
76 > happens when I select the inbox. I restarted Akonadi, now there are some
77 > 13,000 thousand mails in the inbox, and I can view them. The other
78 > folders get populated after pressing F5, but it takes long until they
79 > are actually shown. And switching the folders takes some seconds.
81 Yes, there may be a couple of seconds delay between large folders, when kmail
82 first starts. Fewer seconds lag after the first time.
85 > So I started moving folders from the 'Maildir' resource to the default
86 > 'Local Folders' Resource. Rather than simply changing the 'Local
87 > Folders' resource path to the Works, but the inbox has some 40,000
88 > mails, and after over one hour only 4000 were copied to their
89 > destination, so I logged out.
90 > The next login, mysqld again eats 150 percent of the three CPU cores,
91 > and two akonadi_agent processes take another 100, the migration is still
92 > happening. At a rate of < 100 Mails per minute. So it will probably take
93 > more than 7 hours until it's complete. I do not even know how to abort
94 > this. I deleted the 'Maildir' resource, and the 'Local Folders'
95 > resource, logged out an in again, and had to kill the mysqld process.
96 > The 'Local Folders' resource is being recreated automatically by KMail2
97 > I guess, finally I pointed its directory to the original Mail directory,
98 > and things start to work. At least KDEPIM stuff, the rest of KDE still
99 > has its problems.
101 Not all of my maildir ~/Mail folders were picked up. I had to import these
102 manually as recommended in the Gentoo guide for the migration.
105 > > The migration of the email account Settings was even less successful.
106 > > The settings for Sending transferred across, but the account settings
107 > > for Receiving did not survive. Well, let me be more precise here. They
108 > > did survive, as they were all still in the kmailrc file. I checked this
109 > > against a back up. No matter, they didn't show up under accounts.
110 >
111 > Nothing of this has been auto-migrated here.
112 >
113 > > The IMAP4 accounts were less of a success however. I recreated them from
114 > > scratch, but no messages showed up under Inbox. Sent and Trash work
115 > > fine.
116 >
117 > At least this is working.
118 >
119 > > Having ran out of time I was wondering if you came across such breakages
120 > > and if so how did you fix them.
121 >
122 > Personally, I have switched to Claws. It has its own issues, but that's
123 > nothing compared to KMail2. But my sister is used to KMail, and so I try
124 > to make it work for her.
126 I recommend that you mask KDEPIM-4.7 with the packages kindly offered by the
127 gentoo devs:
129 I've upgraded KDE on two boxen, but masked KDEPIM-4.7 as recommended and had
130 no problems so far.
133 > > For now I have masked KDEPIM 4.7 on all of my remaining boxen. This is
134 > > too messy to have to fix more than once, if I can fix it at all that is!
135 > >
136 > > The only thing that's keeping me from mutt is the zillion shortcut
137 > > commands that I need to learn ... old dog/new tricks and all that.
138 >
139 > Claws is okay, except that it does not work with maildirs, the is some
140 > import script or something to convert this to mbox format.
141 > Thunderbird also is a decent mail program.
143 I have tried Claws (although I did not like mbox) and found myself cursing
144 after every other key press. I also tried T'bird and found it better than
145 Claws, but worse than Kmail. It's not just keyboard short cuts, but also how
146 it integrates with the address book, pgp and s/mime, etc.
148 I started looking into getting used to mutt again. Not sure how I can modify
149 its shortcuts, because some them are not intuitive enough for me and some are
150 duplicated/redundant.
151 --
152 Regards,
153 Mick


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