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From: Alex Schuster <wonko@×××××××××.org>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] The mess that's called KDEPIM 4.7 ...
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2011 13:05:35
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] The mess that's called KDEPIM 4.7 ... by Mick
1 Mick writes:
3 > ... or what the unbelievable lack of maturity of KDEPIM devs has landed us in:
4 >
5 > I have upgraded KDE on my old laptop to see what gives. Surprisingly, it was
6 > not *too* bad; i.e. my old emails were not corrupted, deleted or otherwise
7 > affected.
9 I am doing the same on my sister's PC. It doesn't work too well.
11 > However, the following are things that didn't really work as a rational human
12 > being would expect with a PIM setup, let alone anyone who's running this in a
13 > production environment with loads of users!
14 >
15 > The auto-migration did not work. It only worked partially for some mail
16 > account settings, but did not leave behind a workable system, with half the
17 > account settings missing.
19 I had a problem with mysql stuff missing, so Akonadi did not start and
20 the migration failed. I had to add the mysql USE flag to x11-libs/qt-sql.
22 > The kmail-migrator --interactive also did not work.
24 It refuses to start again with an already existing kmailrc.
26 > I had to change the location pointing to the local mail folders - I keep mine
27 > under ~/Mail. Then after pressing F5 on each folder akonadi scanned the
28 > respective mail directory and my stored messages showed up! :-)
30 You're lucky. I created a 'KMail Maildir' resource for the mail folder
31 that was used with KMail1 in KDE 3.5, and while the folder structure is
32 imported, I see no mails. Akonadi says it is syncing the folder I
33 clicked at, but it never finishes. When I drop a mail into a folder
34 (this workaround had been suggested to my on the KDE mailing list when I
35 did my own migration (and it worked)), I only see this mail, others
36 still do not show up.
38 Then I created a 'Maildir' resource. Some folders sync, but nothing
39 happens when I select the inbox. I restarted Akonadi, now there are some
40 13,000 thousand mails in the inbox, and I can view them. The other
41 folders get populated after pressing F5, but it takes long until they
42 are actually shown. And switching the folders takes some seconds.
44 So I started moving folders from the 'Maildir' resource to the default
45 'Local Folders' Resource. Rather than simply changing the 'Local
46 Folders' resource path to the Works, but the inbox has some 40,000
47 mails, and after over one hour only 4000 were copied to their
48 destination, so I logged out.
49 The next login, mysqld again eats 150 percent of the three CPU cores,
50 and two akonadi_agent processes take another 100, the migration is still
51 happening. At a rate of < 100 Mails per minute. So it will probably take
52 more than 7 hours until it's complete. I do not even know how to abort
53 this. I deleted the 'Maildir' resource, and the 'Local Folders'
54 resource, logged out an in again, and had to kill the mysqld process.
55 The 'Local Folders' resource is being recreated automatically by KMail2
56 I guess, finally I pointed its directory to the original Mail directory,
57 and things start to work. At least KDEPIM stuff, the rest of KDE still
58 has its problems.
60 > The migration of the email account Settings was even less successful. The
61 > settings for Sending transferred across, but the account settings for
62 > Receiving did not survive. Well, let me be more precise here. They did
63 > survive, as they were all still in the kmailrc file. I checked this against a
64 > back up. No matter, they didn't show up under accounts.
66 Nothing of this has been auto-migrated here.
68 > The IMAP4 accounts were less of a success however. I recreated them from
69 > scratch, but no messages showed up under Inbox. Sent and Trash work fine.
71 At least this is working.
73 > Having ran out of time I was wondering if you came across such breakages and
74 > if so how did you fix them.
76 Personally, I have switched to Claws. It has its own issues, but that's
77 nothing compared to KMail2. But my sister is used to KMail, and so I try
78 to make it work for her.
80 > For now I have masked KDEPIM 4.7 on all of my remaining boxen. This is too
81 > messy to have to fix more than once, if I can fix it at all that is!
82 >
83 > The only thing that's keeping me from mutt is the zillion shortcut commands
84 > that I need to learn ... old dog/new tricks and all that.
86 Claws is okay, except that it does not work with maildirs, the is some
87 import script or something to convert this to mbox format.
88 Thunderbird also is a decent mail program.
90 Wonko


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