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From: Harry Putnam <reader@×××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] KVM and no keyboard at start of boot
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 2009 23:04:20
1 Summary:
3 What can I do to get my keyboard recognized (through a kvm switch)
4 right at bootup. I mean like when the grub prompt comes up.
6 Details:
8 I've had this curious problem for some time now. Over at least several
9 kernels but I think beginning with changing from one KVM to another a
10 few mnths ago.
12 Now using an IOMEGA 4prt `symphany'. All usb. I guess `Symphany'
13 because you can switch speaker connections too.
15 I rarely use sound so that isn't even a factor here.
17 My keyboard (through kvm) is not recognized until bootup gets to the
18 login prompt. Once there... no problems with keyboard.
20 If I want to do anything early in boot process, like at grub prompt, I
21 must keep a keyboard plugged in direct to machine.
23 Its been a while since I've messed with it, but in the process of a
24 new install and decided to take some time with that problem now.
26 I've forgotten all the options I've tried enabling in the kernel but
27 most recently just used the massive enablement of `genkernel all'
28 thinking surely with all that junk enabled what ever is missing would
29 be there. But it turned out not to be true.
31 So how can I figure out what gets enabled by the time bootup reaches
32 login prompt that is not enabled when grub screen comes up?
34 Something finally allows the kvm pass through to be recognized but not
35 until I've reached the login prompt.


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