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Subject: [gentoo-user] Another plan for /usr and udev-181
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2012 01:46:32
1 Dale as inspired me to finally do something about udev-181. Can't
2 keep my finger in the dike forever. But I have been thinking of a
3 different approach.
5 What annoys me the most about this forced change is that I like the
6 old unix style of a single minimal base partition for booting, and
7 being able to manage all the other partitions while unmounted in
8 single user mode. In my case, /usr is an LVM partition precisely
9 because I want to sit in single user mode while resizing it (it seems
10 to keep on growing ...). However, progress marches on, removable
11 media are taking over, and it's best to not be a luddite all the time.
13 So I think I will try the initramfs approach of mounting /usr during
14 boot. I don't think this will make growing /usr any easier; single
15 user mode won't umount it. But it does preserve the option of
16 reverting to the old fashioned way if sanity prevails and udev-181 is
17 found unnecessary.
19 1. Configure the next kernel with the necessary initramfs flags, then
20 have two grub entries for the same kernel: one with the initramfs
21 and one without. Initially I will make the initramfs do something
22 innocuous, and leave /usr as a separate /etc/fstab entry mounted
23 in the old fashioned way.
25 2. Make sure boot works the old fashioned way, without initramfs.
27 3. Make sure boot works the new fangled way, with initramfs.
29 4. Create some temporary lvm partition and make sure the new fangled
30 initramfs mounts it during boot without an /etc/fstab entry.
32 5. Remove /usr from /etc/fstab and put it in the initramfs, and make
33 sure that boot works.
35 6. Merge udev-181 and whatever else is needed.
37 7. Cross my fingers, sacrifice a virtual goat, and try a reboot.
39 Somewhere between 6 and 7 is the worst part; no simple way to revert
40 and retry. Everything up til then should require no more than a
41 simple /etc/fstab edit.
43 Is there any way to add more steps between 6 and 7 to allow more
44 reversability?
46 Have I left out any steps, between 6 and 7 or anywhere else?
48 --
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