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From: Michael Vetter <michael.vetter@××××××××××××.de>
To: Gentoo mailing list <gentoo-user@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-user] qt5
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2014 11:12:29
1 Hello,
3 Recently I started developing on LXQT. As they are using Qt5 on their
4 developing version I added Qt overlay and unmasked Qt5.
6 I should add normally I am more the GTK applicatio user, running i3 as
7 window manager. So Qt and its configuration are kind of new to me.
9 Anyways, I got LXQT to run and started hacking. However I thought a IDE
10 would be nice. So I installed Qtcreator.
12 All applications so far (example: pcmanfm-qt using Qt5) are looking
13 good. But Qtcreator looks awful: grey font on white background and
14 whitefont on black background. I wondered why this was the case, and
15 after checking with ldd I realized that Qtcreator uses Qt4.
17 I tried to run qtconfig and choose a nice theme, as I was used to with
18 lxappearance for GTK.
19 However, no matter what I selected in "Select GUI style", the colors
20 stayed ugly. I tried Cleanlooks, Qtcurve and others. Then I saw that I
21 can manually change color palette. This is strange, on GTK themes come
22 with nice colors without selecting them by hand. Am I doing something wrong?
24 So I have several questions:
25 1. How to configure Qt4 themes/colors the right way?
26 2. Can I remove Qt4 totally and only use Qt5 for all applications?
28 I am aware that Qt5 is not stable, but the mask says its more or less
29 table but masked for doing more tests.
31 Also I didn't see a USE flag for Qtcreator, no Qt4 no Qt5.
33 3. For testing I wanted to add gtkstyle USE flag to qtgui, then realized
34 that this doesn't exist anymore for Qt5. But Qtcreator seems to be
35 compiled for Qt4, so how to set gtkstyle for it?
37 4. Has Qt5 also the possibility to have gtkstyle?
39 I am thankful for all info I can get, also background information for
40 understanding everything totally, since this is the main goal of writing
41 this mail.
43 best regards,
44 Michael


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