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From: Andrew Lowe <agl@×××××××.au>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] I'm trying to emerge polkit, now it wants to bring in all of KDE
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2014 17:18:20
1 Hi all,
2 Just what is happening with ebuilds today? At work, I'm in the process
3 of setting up a workstation using the KDE profile. I've gone to the KDE
4 install doco on the wiki,, had a read
5 and it says that I'll need D-Bus, polkit, udev and udisks. I can emerge
6 D-Bus with no problems then onto polkit which its wiki says needs D-Bus
7 and consolekit.
9 So I attempt to install consolekit and bingo, there's the avalanche.
10 Perl crap everywhere, Samba, MySQL & MariaDB, and I don't even use
11 either of these DB's, a battle between LibAV and FFMPEG, what looks like
12 all of KDE and oh look, there's vlc along for the ride. Even zlib
13 decides it wants to come along but manages to block itself. That many
14 files want to come along to the party that I can't "Shift PgUp" back up
15 through my text console to see it all - a text console because I don't
16 have any graphics installed yet.
18 I had a look at the consolekit ebuild and it says that it needs polkit,
19 even though the wiki says that polkit depends upon consolekit - going
20 round in circles here. So I looked at the polkit ebuild and it looks
21 like it needs polkit-kde-agent, which to my untrained eye, probably is
22 responsible for this avalanche os stuff - I think....
24 So what do I have to do to not have this avalanche of stuff, so that I
25 can emerge pieces bit by bit, so that I can see what's happening. I've
26 probably got some of the above slightly wrong, "lost in translation"
27 going from work to home, but "the vibe" is there. It is so frustrating
28 when you sit there and see a massive list of packages, a good proportion
29 I don't even want, I'm looking at you MySQL/MariaDB - isn't this due to
30 the Akonadi mess, scroll up the screen and it makes no sense as to why
31 things are being brought in.
33 There, I've vented my spleen, any thoughts on how to control this
34 "beast" would be greatly appreciated.
36 Regards,
37 Andrew