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Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] [OT]: Denoising software ?
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2011 12:24:28
Message-Id: 20111210102304.37da1bef@acme7.acmenet
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] [OT]: Denoising software ? by Michael Mol
1 on 2011-12-09 at 13:55 Michael Mol wrote:
3 >I couldn't tell you if it's necessarily "good", but Audacity has a
4 >noise filter.
6 that's exactly what i was about to reply.
8 and if you want to try a CLI tool, sox provides a similar utility.
10 noiseprof [profile-file]
11 Calculate a profile of the audio for use in noise reduction.
12 See the description of the noisered effect for details.
14 noisered [profile-file [amount]]
15 Reduce noise in the audio signal by profiling and filtering. This
16 effect is moderately effective at removing consistent background
17 noise such as hiss or hum. To use it, first run SoX with the
18 noise‐ prof effect on a section of audio that ideally would contain
19 silence but in fact contains noise - such sections are typically
20 found at the beginning or the end of a recording. noiseprof will
21 write out a noise profile to profile-file, or to stdout if no
22 profile-file or if `-' is given. E.g. sox speech.wav -n trim 0 1.5
23 noiseprof speech.noise-profile To actually remove the noise, run
24 SoX again, this time with the noisered effect; noisered will
25 reduce noise according to a noise profile (which was generated by
26 noiseprof), from profile-file, or from stdin if no profile-file or
27 if `-' is given. E.g. sox speech.wav cleaned.wav noisered
28 speech.noise-profile 0.3 How much noise should be removed is
29 specified by amount-a number between 0 and 1 with a default of
30 0.5. Higher numbers will remove more noise but present a greater
31 likelihood of removing wanted components of the audio signal.
32 Before replacing an original recording with a noise-reduced
33 version, experiment with different amount values to find the
34 optimal one for your audio; use headphones to check that you are
35 happy with the results, paying particular attention to quieter
36 sections of the audio.
38 On most systems, the two stages - profiling and reduction
39 - can be combined using a pipe, e.g. sox noisy.wav -n
40 trim 0 1 noiseprof | play noisy.wav noisered
42 never compared the results, if you do, i for one would be very interested
43 in your experience.
45 IMO, it's much better to remove noise by small amounts in successive
46 passes (taking a new profile each time, of course), than trying to remove
47 too much noise in one pass.
49 let us know how it went!
51 lj


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