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Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] [OT?] Photo organizing, slideshows, and S/VCD/DVD authoring/editing
Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2005 21:47:27
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] [OT?] Photo organizing, slideshows, and S/VCD/DVD authoring/editing by Jose Gonzalez Gomez
1 > 1. Photo organizing. This includes downloading photos from a Canon
2 > Powershot G6, organizing it in folders (currently done with camera
3 > software), batch renaming them using EXIF information included in
4 > photos, editing EXIF information (currently done with Exifer:
5 > Unfortunately this is "cardware"
6 > closed source only for Windows)
8 Have a look at gphoto.
10 > 2. Minor photo editing, like red eyes correction, composing whole
11 > images from stitchs (currently done with camera software)
13 For composing panoramas, try hugin (I wasn't able to get it working,
14 hope your luckier)
16 > 3. Creation of slideshows from photographs. I would like to be able to
17 > select some or all of the photographs, maybe add some opening or
18 > closing title, extract headers or footers from EXIF information, edit
19 > transition between photos, add music to the slideshow, adjust the
20 > duration of photos and transition to fit the music, and export a video
21 > in a suitable format to be included in VCD, SVCD or DVD.
23 I have no idea... but looks like the most horrible kitschy bad-taste
24 thing I ever heard, so I refuse to give you advices about such an horror :-)
26 > 4. VCD / SVCD / DVD authoring. If possible I'd like to have a GUI for
27 > doing this, kind of Ulead DVD Workshop, this is, you can add video
28 > files, create menus in a graphical editor, export and burn a project
29 > in different formats (VCD/SVCD/DVD), include the source folder with
30 > the original images in the resulting CD/DVD...
32 There is a package called dvdauthor. I don't know how mature it is,
33 however... i don't feel the need to author dvds.
35 m.
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