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From: Timur Aydin <ta@××××××.org>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] configuring NFS server to handle client reboots
Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2013 17:12:27
1 Hi,
3 I am using Gentoo Linux as an NFS server while doing development on an
4 Blackfin embedded system. The Blackfin is running uClinux and the
5 development host is Gentoo testing version (~amd64). The NFS server
6 version is 1.2.7.
8 Here is the problem that I am observing: I start from a known state,
9 restarting the NFS server on Gentoo and power cycling the Blackfin. Once
10 the Blackfin system has booted, I mount an folder on the Blackfin. This
11 succeeds without any problem. Then I power cycle the Blackfin again and
12 after it is up, I try to mount that same folder again. But this time,
13 the mount command hangs for a minute or so and eventually fails with a
14 timeout error.
16 Here is the mount command:
18 mount -o nolock,tcp /mnt
20 When I look into the NFS server's system log, I can see that the mount
21 was authenticated:
23 Jun 30 13:54:53 bonsai rpc.mountd[1597]: authenticated mount request
24 from for /home/ta/uclinux_2011R1/db1/uclinux-dist/romfs
25 (/home/ta/uclinux_2011R1)
27 I have captured what is happening using wireshark and what I am seeing
28 is that the mount request succeeds, but the client initiates another TCP
29 connection (SYN) and this SYN is never responded to by the server.
31 I know that a sm-notify program is used on both NFS clients/servers to
32 notify reboots, but this embedded system does not have the sm-notify
33 capability. And I would rather not try to port it to uClinux.
35 So, my question is, can I somehow configure the NFS server to allow
36 mounting the same directory repeatedly whenever the NFS client reboots?
38 --
39 Timur


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