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Subject: [gentoo-user] [OT] Backup schemes involving Win XP stored to linux
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 05:11:09
1 I'd like to hear of anyones experiences with a setup like the one I'll
2 describe in a moment. I haven't worked with this extensively yet but
3 a tentative plan looks like this:
5 Three or more windows XP boxes that are devoted primarily to editing
6 video or graphics in one way or another. The stuff needing backup can
7 be in really big files but also lots of normal sized still images etc.
9 I'm planning to use rsnapshot/rsync to back up the NTFS windows disks
10 to a gentoo box with internal discs with the needed capacity.
12 I guess what I'd like to hear about is any known problems with mixing
13 filesystems like that. It will all be run over cifs from linux and the
14 windows boxes will browse for stuff when needed over smb to the linux
15 files .
17 I haven't noticed any show stoppers in my small experiments but wonder
18 how they will scale up.
20 I'm thinking of graduating to somekind of external network storage
21 with a raid setup and really huge capacity, but again I'd like to have
22 the server end be gentoo and rsnapshot/rsync.
24 Other schemes are welcome.
26 --
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