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Subject: [gentoo-user] Gentoo laptop issues
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 15:34:55
1 I just managed to get Gentoo installed on my Presario v6420 which is the
2 first laptop I've ever had linux on and I've got two problems that I
3 thought I'd ask the list about:
5 The most important of the problems involves the fan. The laptop gets a
6 whole lot hotter using linux while compiling than it did using vista while
7 compiling which implies that there is some fan control missing from my
8 install. What sort of ebuilds/apps should I be looking at to solve the
9 problem?
11 Button #2 of the touchpad, which seems to be set as the upper right corner
12 of the pad, controls paste (as in cut and paste). The button works great
13 at first but then after a period, or it may be related to a heat issue, it
14 stops working. Restarting X solves the problem. I have not noticed it
15 failing with gpm but I have not stayed in console as long. Remapping
16 works but I'd like some pointers on solving this problem.
18 I've also noticed two seperate clipboards. One, using the usual middle
19 click button and another using shift-insert. These clipboards are
20 different in what they paste... Anyone know more about this?
22 --
23 "All any drug amounts to is tweaking the incoming data. You have to be
24 incredibly self-centered or pathetic to be satisfied with simply tweaking
25 the incoming data." -- William Gibson


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