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From: Sven Vermeulen <swift@g.o>
To: www-redesign@××××××××××××.org
Subject: [www-redesign] Current status
Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2005 19:35:17
Okay, it's quite difficult to keep this one alive, but I'll try anyhow :)

Aaron, you told me that the design put online at was quite different from
what you had in design. Is this still the case? If so, I'll need the
"better" design to be put in CVS.

We hardly have anything except this front-page design and that's not much,
although many can be distilled from it.

As you might notice at we (I) still
need some designs for other reference pages. Really, this is designing. I'm
not good at it. I'd be *very* grateful if people take a stab at it.

My proposal for the structure used by the Gentoo website is online at, comments are
appreciated. You might want to take a look at other distributions and
community-driven projects to get an idea on how you'd like the website to

We might also want to start looking at our XML DTDs, see if we can improve
the current XML formats, explain why certain tags are obsoleted and what
tags aren't, etc. This is the first step to the XSLT.

But mainly, we need those reference pages. Anyone with some knowledge of
layouting pages - go for it!

      Sven Vermeulen

  Documentation & PR project leader

  The Gentoo Project   <<< >>>


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