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From: Tom Newsom <Jeepster@××××××.uk>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Point of fact.
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 19:45:51
Message-Id: 1015551754.1113.19.camel@rawramp.home
1 Hi,
3 Whoever gets this, if your in #gentoo then you`ll know me by the nick
4 Jeepster.
6 You`ll also possibly know I refuse point blank to use the nvidia stuff
7 from portage and if you`ve taken any notice you`ll also know why.
9 Take the following comment from your web site...
11 *************
12 At the moment, there's one known quirk with the install. Some
13 applications (most notably the Quake series) do not use the standard
14 library search path for loading, but instead manually dlopen
15 "/usr/lib/". For this reason, make sure that /usr/lib/
16 is a symlink that points to /opt/nvidia/lib/ We'll be
17 addressing this quirk soon.
18 *************
20 It isnt a quirk, the paths that quake,UT etc look in for GL libs is a
21 standard place, when nvidia decided a while ago to create linux drivers
22 they decided on a standard place for thier libs to be, that being
23 /usr/lib and also they *had* to alter some XFree libs and links.
25 Once you accept you`re nvidia portage files sent the libs to the wrong
26 place then you will fix your "quirk"
28 I can if you wish get a guy who started the nvidia drivers to come into
29 #gentoo and tell you why you`re /opt/ place is wrong.
31 Other than this and GRUB being default boot loader, gentoo is excellent
32 in all areas. Keep up the excellent work.
34 Thank you.


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