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From: Donny Davies <woodchip@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@××××××××××.org
Subject: [gentoo-dev] RC6 Boot ISO reports + info [kind of long]
Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2001 13:10:58
1 Hi,devs
3 I'm wondering whether some friendly gentoo'ers with SCSI setups won't
4 comment on our new self-booting build ISO system?
6 I can report no success on a Symbios 53c810 controller, with the SCSI
7 BIOS on the MB, in combination with an Yamaha SCSI writer. Sounds
8 like a funny setup I know, but it can work. I seem to have forgotten which
9 Linux distribution's bootable installation CD it was that actually worked
10 for this particular setup. I must try to rediscover it to see what is different!
12 The error is:
13 isolinux: Loading spec packet failed, trying to wing it...
14 isolinux: Found something at drive = F0
15 isolinux: Looks like it might be right, continuing...
16 isolinux: Disk Error 00 drive F0
17 Boot failed: press a key to retry
19 For what it's worth all of our build iso's boot perfectly and work fine on
20 any type of IDE equipment I've thrown at them so far, its just the SCSI
21 that needs some tweaking. This isn't just a case of adding support for the
22 53c810 controller or something else simple/similar is it drobbins?
24 Also, I would note that the old 1.0_rc4_pre2 ISO I have here, boots
25 successfully on my SCSI setup. I think that one is based on a different
26 boot system with grub though. Further, I would note that the RC6 ISOS
27 get the SCSI BIOS to indicate that a bootable CDROM has been found
28 and that it will use "Non-Emulation Mode". I have found Windows NT/2000
29 CDROMS to give the same notice, but they can boot OK. I have also
30 noticed that Windows 9x and the RC4 CD get the SCSI BIOS to say it
31 has found a bootable CDROM which will "Emulate CD-ROM as Floppy
32 Drive A:". I can use those CD's will boot with. To sum that up, I believe
33 that this "emulation mode" business/option, appears to have no effect on
34 whether the CD will boot or not, I guess its just some option in making
35 a bootable CDROM. Hmm I should read-up some on this isolinux stuff :)
37 Ideally you could send in a quick "hey it works on this" report to the
38 development mailing list, or any difficulties you are experiencing so that
39 we can establish where the problem hardware/devices are, and make
40 the required fixes. I do realise that many of us are fully capable of
41 "working around" the problem, and adjusting locally. I do this myself
42 sometimes. Usually that means we dont speak up, but instead just merrily
43 cruise along. Alas it would be better to file a report if something could
44 be improved, because that way nobody gets left behind, or stuck with
45 a CD that wont boot for them. Mind you, I'm not saying we can make
46 a CD that will boot on every system, probably not. It would be going
47 a long way however into putting together a solid, robust, bootable build
48 ISO if we can manage to cover cases like mine, and possibly some other
49 obscure ones/combinations. With the way things are going, I wouldn't be
50 surprised to see this solved very soon.
52 As another sidenote, my particular SCSI driver has amusingly enough
53 been the default pre-selected host driver inside of the kernel menuconfig
54 target/program for all of 2.4.x and 2.2.x series that I can remember.
55 Although I'm certain they decided upon that choice in order to minimise
57 confusion. This seems to be a pretty important chip to be supported,
58 as theres tonnes of cards based on it. And then theres the fact that this
59 is a woodchip.. *rimshot*. But I digress..
61 You may find the newest revisions of the (non)bootable ;-) ISO image in:
63 As of now the latest one is "build-ix86-1.0_rc6-r9.iso". It is ~16MB long.
65 The master plan I gather, is to eventually come up with a solid self-booting
66 build CD that contains a chroot'able build environment, along with a recent
67 snapshot of the portage tree, and a good selection of distfiles (probably at
68 least enough to do `emerge system`). With some good bug reports and more
69 testing this can be a reality very soon indeed!
71 Another tidbit I'd like to explore, is the possibility of using the -multi option
72 to cdrecord when writing the ISO. Whilst I've been experimenting with it
73 I have noticed that unfortunately you dont seem to be able to use the newest
74 session you've written to the disc, only the first one you write is usable for
75 booting. So, you can write for example the -r9 release of the build ISO to
76 CD, then tomorrow you could write the -r10 release, both using the -multi
77 option, but only the first session is accessible/usable.. at least for booting
78 anyway. I gather one needs software support in the running OS before one
79 can access the later sessions. I'd really like to be able to add additional
80 releases of the build ISO to a CD, in multiple sessions, and have the newest
81 one be available for booting the computer. Does somebody know more
82 about this?
84 So please *do* tell us whats up with our bootable build CD system and
85 your hardware. How's it working for you?
87 Cheers,
88 Donny (aka woodchip)


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