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From: Christel Dahlskjaer <christel@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Improving Gentoo User Relations
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2006 01:32:28
Message-Id: 1144377010.5485.82.camel@gaspode
1 Hi everyone,
3 First, allow me to thank every last one of you for the great welcome you
4 gave me when I joined. It is an immeasurably great and exciting
5 challenge to take over as lead of the user relations[1] project and I am
6 very thankful to Seemant and devrel for the confidence they have shown
7 in me passing the baton on to me from Daniel (dsd) and I am delighted at
8 the prospect of working together with all of you; developers and users
9 alike to make this project the best it can be.
11 Having been warned that reviving the project would be a difficult task
12 and one where I'd struggle to create any interest; I am very much
13 pleased to find that this has not been the case.
15 So now we are faced with the challenge of resurrecting the project and
16 making it the best it can be. We have a blank page to colour in in such
17 a way it becomes attractive to the majority of our ~200,000 users, and
18 of course to the developer community. And this is where we would like
19 your input, whether you are a developer or a user; What do you believe
20 we should and could do to improve relations between users and
21 developers? What do you believe could make Gentoo more attractive to new
22 users and to current users? What would make Gentoo kick even more arse
23 than it already has proven it can? What do we need to 'fix'? What do we
24 need to consider introducing? Where do you feel we go horribly wrong?
25 (Now for that question, I'd strongly suggest we all avoid attacking
26 eachother, I simply want to know and learn from mistakes made in the
27 past to avoid repeating them!) And what have we done right?
29 If you feel you have useful input we would love to hear it, don't be
30 afraid that your suggestions or ideas may be dumb or insignificant. We
31 would like to listen at what you have to say however small or big it may
32 be. I would like for everyone to feel comfortable stating their opinions
33 and views and suggestions without fear of being flamed. However, should
34 you feel uncomfortable replying on-list you are most welcome to drop an
35 e-mail offlist be it to myself or to user-relations@g.o
38 It has also been asked that I explain the two roles created especially
39 with user relations in mind, I will do so here but remember that these
40 definitions may be tweaked slightly before they reach perfection.
42 One of the roles created is that of a representative from a other user
43 focused project within gentoo (such as pr, bugzilla, bugdays, arch
44 testers, forums, #gentoo ops, documentation etc) and is currently
45 explained as follows:
47 > Given the nature of the user-relations project and the number of
48 > established projects which interact directly with users, we felt it
49 > would be beneficial to have a defined point of contact with these
50 > projects, who can provide input on what they would find useful, and
51 > what could cause them problems. We envision these representatives as
52 > being able to provide feedback regarding anything user-relations is
53 > planning to do, and also to provide suggestions for new projects or
54 > initiatives that could benefit their projects, as well as keeping us
55 > informed about changes within their projects that could affect users,
56 > or that would require any action from user-relations to take advantage
57 > of them. The intention is that these project representatives would be
58 > a part of the user-relations team, and that each representative would
59 > be responsible for making sure that his/her project's best interests
60 > are properly taken into consideration during user-relations' every day
61 > activities. This way, we hope to keep in touch with other user-focused
62 > projects, and make sure that all user-facing projects know what is
63 > going on and can provide the greatest benefit to users and developers
64 > alike.
66 Provision has also been made by developer relations for the creation of
67 the role of 'user representative', which is explained below:
70 > Since the user relations project is intended to act as a bridge
71 > between developers and users, it is important that we do not let our
72 > assumptions as developers get in the way of communications with
73 > users. Many users may be unfamiliar with concepts or terminology that
74 > to a developer seems commonplace and easy to understand. The 'user
75 > representatives' are intended as a way to get feedback from
76 > non-developers on such things, for example to ensure that a survey is
77 > written in such a way as to be comprehensible to users before it is
78 > sent out. The role is intended as a way to get reliable input from
79 > non-developers in order to ensure that what we do has the maximum
80 > benefit for users and developers alike.
82 If you are a developer from a project who would like to be represented
83 within user relations and we haven't been in touch with your project
84 already there is a chance that we've overlooked you, in which case I am
85 terribly sorry and welcome you to contact us and let us know.
87 For the latter role, user representative, we will be looking for atleast
88 a couple of more people to welcome more diversity.
90 One of the things that gets mentioned over and over again as something
91 people would like us to look at is bugzilla, both users and developers
92 have been bringing this up on a daily basis for some time. It has also
93 been suggested we look at working with developer relations on revamping
94 the recruitment process. It has been suggested we ensure there is female
95 cut t-shirts in the gentoo store. It has been suggested we take the
96 initiative for creating a project similar to that of Debian Women[2] and
97 a host of other interesting things. We do of course welcome your views
98 on all of the above, as well as anything else you think we should do.
100 As well as interacting with us by replying to this e-mail you are of
101 course welcome to join us on irc ( in the
102 #gentoo-userrel channel. And we have a mailinglist[3] for those who wish
103 to partake on that.
105 I hope my e-mail wasn't too vague, I also hope that I will wake up and
106 find my inbox full of exciting ideas and suggestions from all of you!
108 ¡Viva la revolución!
110 Christel Dahlskjaer
112 [1]
113 [2]
114 [3] gentoo-userrel+subscribe@g.o
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