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From: "Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto" <jmbsvicetto@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Tone in Gentoo
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2010 03:20:42
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] Tone in Gentoo by Sebastian Pipping
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On 19-06-2010 02:25, Sebastian Pipping wrote:
> Hello. > > As some people seem to be interested in examples of out of the line tone > in Gentoo I feel like sharing an example just happened a few minutes ago: > > In #gentoo-infra people are talking about banging each others moms > right now. I was told this is normal in there. As I mentioned it's > not funny at all I was told that it's not funny to _me_ and that I > don't have to hang around there if I don't like it. > > Now that's tone in Gentoo. Brilliant.
Sebastian, you're confusing talk and jokes between developers on a particular private room with tone between members of the global community in public mediums. You're also missing an important point that some channels have their own environment and so one should start by understanding it. Furthermore, pushing for change and or imposing one's view on an established channel is not a "nice" way to deal with the residents of that channel. Another thing you've just done and should be aware of, is that you chose to air into the public private conservations. When any Gentoo developer decides to reveal a private discussion in the core ml or some other private medium into the general public without the other parties knowledge and or consent, that developer is abusing the other members' "trust". You have shown to be very attached to this topic, so much so that you've just blown this completely out of proportion. There was no "foul play" intended in that conservation nor was there any abusive tone between the involved parties. It may have sounded that way to you, but there was no doubt for the involved parties. Please consider that some of the developers in this distribution have known each other for years and have their own communication code and style. Don't be too quick judging the other people and as others have said in this thread, assume others to have the best possible intention in their messages, until proven otherwise.
> Good night.
Good night.
> Sebastian >
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