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From: "Sébastien Fabbro" <bicatali@g.o>
To: gentoo-science@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-science] Gentoo science status
Date: Wed, 03 Feb 2010 17:39:18
1 Hello all,
3 I wanted to get heads up for our science project.
5 * Manpower:
6 First our under staffed recruitment team found some time to
7 turn Justin Lecher (jlec) an official Gentoo developer who
8 hasn't stopped into helping for the science and chemistry packages.
9 Welcome Justin!
10 We have a couple of people also in the mentoring process who will be
11 great new addition to the team. And as always we need more hands. So
12 anyone interested, contact the sci team.
14 We also need to know whether we still want a leader. Some time ago
15 the question was raised, but got no definite answer.
17 * Bugs:
18 I have not done the counts, but I see we are actually improving quite
19 a bit and killing a lot of old and nasty bugs. I think we are still
21 * Documentation:
22 We need to revamp our project documentation. I started some doc in
23 our overlay [1] long time ago, but feel free to update, propose
24 patches or rewrite it entirely if you don't like it. Denis had some
25 electronics docs in his site, so we could also merge it. A wiki would
26 be very nice, but first it would be worth checking how many people are
27 actually using Gentoo for science.
28 One another simple thing is also add a <longdescription> tag in the
29 metadata.xml of our packages which I think useful to discover quickly
30 a new package and give credits for upstream.
32 * Projects:
33 - Do not forget to test the g-octave project from Raphael [2], he
34 needs feedback.
35 - Sage on Gentoo [3] is slowly but surely becoming a reality thanks to
36 Christoper and Francois.
37 - A reminder for all of you to test the multiple MPI implementation
38 system [4] put together by Justin Bronder
39 - I plan to update the blas-lapack and the Fortran frameworks with
40 long overdue package updates before the Summer. Contact me if you
41 want to help.
43 [1];a=tree;f=docs
44 [2]
45 [3]
46 [4]
49 Best,
51 --
52 Sebastien


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