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Subject: [gentoo-user] [half OT] WLAN totally beginners question
Date: Sun, 07 Dec 2014 19:10:56
Message-Id: 20141207191046.GH538@solfire
1 Hi,
3 I am just starting to do the first steps in configuring WLAN.
4 The problem is: This topic seems to be rich of terms, which I
5 dont know yet how to evaluate: AP, WAP, WEP, FSK...and dozens more.
7 Since my use case is very limited I want to configure "just that"
8 without being urged to achieve my master degree of WLANism after
9 studying everything this topic consists of only to recognize that
10 I only need to know about...say...2% of it.
12 Background: I have two little Linux boards (Arietta G25) with
13 a RT5370 Wireless Adapter each.
15 I want to make both able to communicate with each other beside
16 being able to use the ethernet-over-USB connection to enable
17 the communication with/to my PC.
19 The whole thing should be only accessible from the Ariettas. The PC
20 will not have an wifi adapter.
21 Would be nice, if both could be configured/setup symmetrically, so
22 no client-server relationship or something hierachical like that is
23 needed.
25 I cannot use any GUI application to configure the whole stuff since
26 the Ariettas dont have enough horsepower to do that, I think. Beside
27 that, compiling big things like QT or X11 on the Arietta will take
28 a super long time...if it wiil not break due to the lack of enough RAM.
30 Is there any name or terminus technicus for that what I want to
31 do?
33 Thank you very mcuh in advance for any help!
34 Best regards,
35 Meino


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