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From: Dale <rdalek1967@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Linux viruses
Date: Fri, 05 Jul 2013 22:21:39
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] Linux viruses by William Kenworthy
1 William Kenworthy wrote:
2 > On 06/07/13 04:12, Dale wrote:
3 >> I had a interesting adventure the other day. A friend of mine's son is
4 >> getting ready to go to college. Budget is tight so we went to find a
5 >> used laptop for him. I went into the local puter shop and the techie
6 >> guy there had a interesting statement that makes me think I'm not
7 >> recommending them for computer service to anyone else. While we was
8 >> chatting, he said that Linux is just as prone to getting a virus as
9 >> windoze and so is a Mac. I think my laughing let him know I wasn't
10 >> buying his comment.
11 >>
12 >> I since did some googling and it seems I am right and he just thought I
13 >> was some know nothing guy he could sell some service too. Anyway, has
14 >> anything changed to make Linux more prone to viruses than it used to
15 >> be? I read a percentage somewhere that said like 99% of viruses are
16 >> windoze only. Is there a indisputable source of information on this?
17 >>
18 >> Thanks.
19 >>
20 >> Dale
21 >>
22 >> :-) :-)
23 >>
24 > food for thought - some years back a member of the local lug picked up
25 > that something was listening on a port that he didn't think should be in
26 > use. Turned out to be an infected windows binary running under wine ...
27 >
28 > I presume he had been using wine and this was left running, rather than
29 > self starting.
30 >
31 > BillK
32 >
33 >
34 >
36 Well, no Wine here. So that won't happen. Actually, I don't have a
37 copy of windoze here at all. Neither of my two rigs have ever had
38 windoze installed on them at all.
40 BTW, I have been known to open those attachments before. I usually open
41 them with kwrite or something and try to see what is human readable in
42 there. Most is machine language but there is usually a small portion
43 that is human readable. They sent it and I'm nosy that way. lol
45 I'm still trying to figure out what he thought he would accomplish tho.
46 I can't get my head wrapped around that yet.
48 Dale
50 :-) :-)
52 --
53 I am only responsible for what I said ... Not for what you understood or how you interpreted my words!


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