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From: Jason Weisberger <jbdubbs@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] GCC 4.1.1 Problems
Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 15:48:19
1 List,
3 I figure upgrading to GCC 4.1.1 from 3.4.5 wouldn't be such a pain,
4 right? WRONG. So far I've had just about every problem under the
5 sun, mostly in the form of filesize errors.... which I wouldn't think
6 would be related to GCC, but then again:
8 app-admin/perl-cleaner
9 x11-proto/xextproto
10 x11-proto/xcmiscproto-1.1.2
12 These packages quit on me after telling me that the reported filesize
13 by the ebuild wasn't equal to the downloaded filesize. This only
14 happened with gcc-config 6 (4.1.1). When I switched back to 3.4.5,
15 emerge -e world was flawless. Very odd.
17 I also had several packages quit on me related to gnome and GTK.
18 Complaints were usually related to GTK being compiled and installed,
19 however would not run.
21 If these are the type of problems we're going to see with 4.1.1, I
22 would have to vote that it stay masked. "Testing" isn't even the word
23 for this so far. I had to revert back to my 3.4.5 gcc and re-emerge
24 system after having too many errors to warrant continuing.
26 Maybe I'll check back in a while, or if someone has a solution, I'd be
27 more than willing to listen.
30 --
31 Jason Weisberger
32 jbdubbs@×××××.com
34 --
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