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From: "Michał Górny" <mgorny@g.o>
To: gentoo-nfp@l.g.o
Cc: gentoo-project <gentoo-project@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-project] Request for vote on removal Matthew Thode from Trustees
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2018 00:11:59
1 Hello, everyone.
3 As some of you may know I have been recently defamed on Gentoo mailing
4 lists by one of the Trustees (at the time). I have been attempting to
5 resolve this matter peacefully for 2 months now, and I haven't had any
6 success in getting justice. In fact, I haven't received more than 8
7 words from the Trustees on the matter.
9 All things considered, I would like to request per Section 5.6 of Bylaws
10 [1] a Foundation members vote on removal of Matthew Thode from his
11 position as President of the Foundation and Trustee. I believe that
12 Matthew has not succeeded in ensuring professional behavior among
13 Trustees and that he has abused his position towards his private goals
14 that were not in line with the best interests of Gentoo
15 and the Foundation.
17 To support my request, I will note here a number of facts regarding past
18 actions of the Trustees during Matthew's term that I'm aware of and that
19 I believe to be contrary to the best interest of Gentoo. I do not wish
20 to defame anyone, therefore I will not comment on those actions, merely
21 list them and link the evidence whenever publicly available. I leave
22 judging those actions to the Foundation members.
24 Please note that I'm not implying that all the listed facts are related
25 to one another. However, I believe that all of them are relevant to
26 judging Matthew's actions.
29 2017-01-05
30 Matthew Thode lays out a proposal that merges the Council
31 and Trustees into a single 'Board' on top of Foundation [2].
33 2017-01-11
34 Matthew Thode lays out an alternative proposal in which Council
35 is reduced to handling technical matters, and 'Board' gains control
36 over ComRel [3].
38 2017-12-10
39 Daniel Campbell (signed as a Trustee) sends a mail with a number of
40 defaming accusations [4]. I have replied to that mail correcting
41 the false facts, and I have opened a bug with Daniel in CC pointing
42 this out [5].
44 2017-12-16
45 Daniel Campbell sends his resignation mail in which he blames for it,
46 and further defames me [6]. I have to point out here that he brings
47 a few true facts for which I am sorry, and I specifically only mind
48 those that are lies.
50 2017-12-16
51 Matthew Thode files a ComRel bug [7] in which he requests banning me.
52 In his request he mentions the decision of Daniel Campbell.
54 2018-01-03
55 Daniel Campbell withdraws his resignation [8].
57 2018-01-14
58 Matthew Thode apologizes to Rich Freeman for the defamation made
59 by Daniel Campbell in his resignation thread [9].
61 2018-01-18
62 Daniel Campbell resumes his activity on Bugzilla [10]. I repeat my
63 request for correction of his defaming mails via direct mail. I never
64 receive any reply from him.
66 2018-01-28
67 Since Daniel Campbell has been acting as a Trustee, I send the same
68 request to Trustees. The same day I receive a reply from Matthew Thode
69 requesting clarification of the exact statements that are defaming.
71 2018-01-29
72 I reply with exact list of defaming statements and explanation why
73 they are false. I never receive any reply.
76 At this point, 2 months have passed since the first defaming mail was
77 sent, and 2 weeks have passed since the specific request to Trustees was
78 sent. The mails still spread false information that is signed
79 by a Trustee without any correction.
81 All I ever asked for was correcting the false facts. Rich Freeman had to
82 wait almost a month to get it. I am pleading for two months already,
83 with no result.
85 I do not know what Matthew Thode's motivation is for his actions or lack
86 of them. However, I do believe that it is in the best interest of Gentoo
87 and the Foundation to pursue peaceful and professional collaboration.
88 Defaming posts made by a Trustee, followed by complete passiveness
89 of the other Trustees in resolving the situation peacefully certainly
90 do not serve this goal.
92 Furthermore, I believe such actions make the Foundation vulnerable to
93 lawsuits. I personally neither do wish or am capable of pursuing this
94 but this doesn't change the fact. I believe that a responsible President
95 would have apologized ASAP, as either actively or passively supporting
96 this defamation serves no purpose to the Foundation.
98 All those things considered, I believe that my only recourse at this
99 point is to request a vote on removing Matthew Thode from the position
100 he currently holds. I believe it is important that the President of
101 Gentoo Foundaties is a person who can represent Gentoo professionally.
103 If any of the matters I have brought here are incorrect, I apologize for
104 that.
107 [1]:
108 [2]:
109 [3]:
110 [4]:
111 [5]:
112 [6]:
113 [7]:
114 [8]:
115 [9]:
116 [10]:
118 --
119 Best regards,
120 Michał Górny