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From: Jim Northrup <glamdring-inc@×××××××.net>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] a #g-d first impression might represent process and metastructure
Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2005 23:22:39
1 to address Luca, Erin, and Patrick as well, and cease the thread hijack
2 implications
4 Rob Holland wrote:
6 >On Wed, Jun 08, 2005 at 08:59:34AM -0700, Jim Northrup wrote:
7 >
8 >
9 >>might I suggest not kicking #gentoo-dev visitors who ask for voice to
10 >>speak to the devs without a 'rtfm & go get a gentoo job' smokescreen ?
11 >>
12 >>
13 >Sorry, I've missed how that's relevant to Gentoo metastructure..?
14 >
15 >
16 I could go into specifics, but I'd just like to say that regardless of
17 how busy (and spending time on irc condescending non-devs?), you will
18 occasionally find folks like me ignorant of process, but willing to
19 contribute a fix here and there.
21 My history with gentoo is one of putting it into production, and working
22 with gentoo for more years than many developers both for enjoyment and
23 livelyhood.
25 so if it makes a difference, I approached a dev on #gentoo-dev, and met
26 with condescending and belittling treatment when i asked for voice. I
27 will not be going into names or specifics.
29 undeterred, I have taken the reccomendations, and rtfm'd and established
30 relations with developers nearly filing a bugzilla entry in the process
31 to highlight the ridiculous level of bother my role as outsider seemed
32 to present.
34 the gentoo [meta]process deficiencies I can present for consideration are:
36 1) There is nowhere specified on or gentoo maintained sites
37 I've rtfm'd specifying any hint of conduct guidelines for being a
38 developer interfacing with the outside world, representing the
39 organization. Common social ettiquette does not always reside with
40 skilled techies...
42 2) There are references to #gentoo-dev, but the process of
43 interfacing, mentoring, and recruiting are self-referential beginning
44 with a bootstrap of being on the good side of an existing developer. So
45 for those of us who do not establish favorable dialogues by filing a
46 bug, the door starts out closed.
49 Jim
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